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Mill Barn
Lilly Pad
Lilly Pad Lake: 19 swims. shallow in parts deepens to 4FT. Fishes extremely well all year round. Beautiful lake to fish from June onwards when pads are in bloom.
Donut Lake
Donut Lake: 8 swims. This is the smallest, but very good fishing for the bigger carp. Depth up to 6ft
Canal Lake
Canal Lake: 38 swims. Up to 36FT across. Depth up to 5FT. One bank fishing. Good all round also known for its bigger carp.
Reservoir Lake
Reservoir Lake: 70 swims. Depth from 4FT to 20FT. In the summer months as shown above up to 5FT of water is taken for irrigation. During this period the fishing is excellent. This lake also produces the biggest carp & Perch.

We have two miles of The River Chelmer at Ford End near Gt Dunmow.

The river runs very fast and narrow in parts, it runs deeper on the bends.

It becomes a stalking river during the summer months. Those that know the River Wydd and Pant will see the similarities.

It fishes well for Chubb, Dace, Roach and Brown Trout. Best fishing to be had between November and March.

Car parking in farm yard. 10 minute walk down hill to the river. Strictly members only.

The River Chelmer

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